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Rooftop Exercise Classes - Yes, Please!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting exercise classes in our Rooftop Garden starting in May, 2021. Start your days with the sun rising over the Montana mountains or end your day with an incredible view of the setting sun! Our rooftop garden offers spectacular views and the fresh Montana air will only enhance your performance!

We have formed an exclusive partnership with Alex Duroche of Form Function Fitness to offer these amazing fitness classes for both guests and the community of Dillon, MT.

Classes will be offered on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons meaning there is plenty of opportunity for you to schedule a class.

Here are a few details that we can share:

Group classes

Introductory Calisthenics & Core workout

Class size limited to 6-10 people - registration is required

Class time 45 minutes (possible 1 hour with warm up and cool down time)

Body weight workout to start

Bring your own mat and water

$20 per person per session

TUESDAYS at 9 am: THURSDAYS at 5:00 pm

May 4 May 6

May 11 May 13

May 18 May 20

May 25 May 27

To schedule your session or additional details, please contact:

Alex Duroche - Form Function Fitness


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33 S. Idaho Street

Dillon MT 59725


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