Our owner, Dr. John Paul Micha, has spent his career as a cancer surgeon/chemotherapy/experimental cancer medication doctor. The level of sterility and cleanliness he is accustomed to is 1,000 times the level of normal hotel standards.

Michelle Cohen, the Andrus Hotel Manager, for decades ran pathology labs at major hospitals and reference labs. Safe handling and sterilization techniques for bacterial and viral pathogens are second nature to Michelle. The radar is always up, and a clean, safe environment is always maintained.

The low number of suites, limited private elevator access to the hotel, and natural social distancing that occurs in rural Dillon also add to the safety of the Andrus Hotel. We all want you and our staff to enjoy a fun, uplifting, secure environment. Rest assured that your happiness and health are our #1 priority.

The cleanliness of our boutique hotel and the safety of our guests in paramount and at the forefront of all we do.