Explore Activities in Dillon


The Wild West and Beauty of Southwest Montana

Dillon, Montana is designated as one of the “prettiest towns” by Forbes Magazine. It is a perfect gateway to the exceptional beautiful wilderness of Southwest Montana and the area’s amazing history.

Badger Archery Store and Range

Free archery lessons for Andrus guests from renowned archery instructor, Sarah Pfister, in the indoor hotel archery range. Great for all ages and levels of expertise. To book lessons or range time, call Sarah at Badger Archery at 406-880-0889 or ask the Andrus concierge to assist you with this.

Donna Andrus Jones Roof Garden

The Andrus Hotel has the most beautiful 360 degree views from this rooftop garden. This is the only roof garden in Beaverhead County. It has 360 degree views of snow covered mountains, historic buildings at the University of Montana Western, church steeples, the stone steepled county courthouse, and the beautiful treed village of Dillon. The rooftop garden is strictly for viewing and photography. The rooftop garden is definitely a “must see” for the guests of the Andrus Hotel. Access to the garden is limited to guests. You will get some great photographs and be uplifted by the natural beauty of the area.

African Oasis

A combination natural history museum, high quality retail store and “foodie” café specializing in African wines, coffees and tapas. Truly a “one of a kind” store/café you will always remember. Food delivery to the Andrus is available.


Dillon has many good restaurants within walking distance of the Andrus. We are lucky that these chefs love Southwest Montana enough to choose the Dillon area for the location of these fine restaurants. Reservations are definitely needed in advance to get a seat at these restaurants.

The Old Hotel

This is the best restaurant within 100 miles. It is a beautiful 30 minute ride through Ruby Valley to Twin Bridges. Reservations are needed. 406-684-5959. 

The Mexican Bus

This converted school bus has great food. It is a Dillon landmark, with wonderful photo opportunities and an easy walk from The Andrus.


An All-American lunch/dinner restaurant with good food and a broad menu. Eat with your kids in the back of a pickup truck in the center of the restaurant or on the outdoor patio. A beautiful 15 minute walk from The Andrus through the Victorian homes University district.

Sweetwater Café

Unique breakfast/lunch café and local meeting spot in an awesome historic space. The owner, Sarah, and her staff are as wonderful as the food and drinks. Food delivery to the Andrus is available.


“Montana’s Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich”. This is a funky espresso shop and café in a historic building two blocks from the Andrus.

Brit's Bake Shop

Brit’s Bake Shop has been a part of downtown Dillon for over 7 years! Brittany specializes in sweet baked goods, serving up brownies, scones, cookies, and cinnamon rolls everyday, as well as cakes for all occasions, cheesecakes, pies, etc. for special orders. For lunch enjoy a soup of the day or a sandwich, and on Wednesdays be sure to try Brit’s famous Pasty, a flaky pie crust filled with ground beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, and spices topped with brown gravy or ketchup.

Beaverhead Brewing Company

Amazing microbrewery three blocks from the Andrus. Located in a beautiful historic building. A great place to savor local artisan beers that are made on-site and chat with the friendly locals.

The Den

A Dillon dinner steakhouse and American eatery. Fun local ambiance and wonderful staff. 5-minute drive from The Andrus.

The Yarn Shop

A wonderful place to learn about yarning and meet friendly locals. Yarning lessons can be booked through the Andrus concierge

Atomic 79

A Western custom boot and clothing store that is owned/run by renowned custom boot makers Dan and Julia Schwarz. Do you want to see or design a $2,500 pair of boots for yourself or a loved one? This is the place!

University of Montana Western (UMW) Equestrian Center Tour

UMW is the only American university with a four year equestrian degree. It’s sister school is an equestrian college center near Paris, France. The same French family has created both centers. Beautiful horses and friendly students and faculty will welcome you. Tours can be arranged through the Andrus concierge.

Fly Fishing

The Beaverhead and Big Hole Rivers offer the finest fly fishing in the lower 48 states. Most fly fishing is done on eco-friendly float boats with expert local guides. Spouses or friends who do not fish should bring their camera along to photograph eagles, osprey, sandhill cranes, Canadian geese, moose, deer, antelope and dozens of other bird and animal species. The Andrus concierge can help arrange fishing trips.

Photography Float Trips

Eco-friendly float boats will take you on a beautiful trip down the Beaverhead, Big Hole or other famous Montana rivers. Trips can last from a few hours to overnight. Amazing mountain scenery and wildlife await your viewing. The Andrus concierge will arrange these trips that you will remember your whole life

Blacktail Meadows Kids Fishing Pond

Dillon maintains this kids rainbow trout, “catch and release” pond. The concierge can arrange to have a guide help your kids catch fish and learn how to handle, respect, and appreciate the beauty of these fish.

Dillon Rodeo

Dillon is the Super Bowl, “last stop” location for the annual Montana Rodeo tour. Staying at the hotel you will hear the cows mooing at the rodeo grounds which are a short distance away. The town becomes alive with horses, cowboys/cowgirls and horse lovers from the United States and beyond. Rooms for rodeo week should be reserved well in advance.

Dillon Ice Skating

Dillon has beautiful outdoor skating rinks. The concierge can help you choose the best one for you.

Maverick Mountain Ski Resort

This ski resort is located 40 miles from Dillon in the beautiful Pioneer mountains.

Beaverhead Golf Club

This is a picturesque course with 2 creeks running through it and mountain views. Book tee times and rentals at 406-603-9933.

Dillon Water Park & Play Center

Located in the city park one block from The Andrus. Great place to cool off and meet some friendly locals.

Dillon Amphitheater

Located a block from The Andrus. Music, plays and all are presented in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Personal Guided Tours

Beaverhead History Museum

The museum is located one block from the Andrus. Many tour guides can trace their family tree to the first Montana territory settlers. They have amazing stories. Lewis and Clark traveled through the future site of Dillon. Sacajawea’s tribe lived near Dillon. The private museum guides are excellent historians and great story tellers. This is good for all ages. Where else can you have a museum and a great entertaining guide all to yourself? Book private tour through Andrus concierge.


This was the first town in Montana. It was created by the Grasshopper Creek Gold Rush in 1862. The town is a scenic 45 minute drive from Dillon and has been nicely restored. Our Andrus guides include the descendants of those first settlers. One of the Andrus guides still owns an original gold mine in Bannack. The guides are great story tellers for all ages. A private tour can be arranged through our concierge.

Bannack also has beautiful ice skating ponds. Skates are provided for use at the site. 

The Andrus Hotel, Turret and Dillon Implement Buildings (DI)

These are amongst the finest historic buildings in Montana. The DI building was built before concrete rebar existed. Foundation support columns are the millennial old Roman pyramid stone/mortar structures. Hidden stairways, large antique safes, reputed brothels, views of the site where Evel Knievel had his three honeymoons and other stories will entertain and amaze all ages. Book a private tour through Andrus concierge.

University of Montana Western

The University has beautifully designed, fully restored Renaissance/Revival style buildings. This tour is architecturally and historically a fun educational few hours for all age groups. Book tour through Andrus concierge.

Horseback Riding

A multitude of horseback riding options are available around Dillon and in Dillon. The Andrus concierge will help determine which options would work best for you.

Horse Drawn Carriage through Downtown Dillon

New York Central Park has horse drawn carriage rides starting outside the Plaza Hotel. Dillon offers the same experience outside the Andrus. Tour the Old Town Dillon University District with its Victorian houses, the 100 year old University of Montana Western historic campus and Old Town Dillon’s Commercial District. These tours can be arranged through the Andrus concierge.

The Masonic Lodge

The Masons are a 1,000 year old group. They were the stone masons who built the castles, palaces, churches and bridges of ancient Europe. The Masons have members of all religions worldwide. Touring the Dillon Masonic Lodge is both architecturally and historically amazing. It is a block from the Andrus. This is good for all ages.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Just Coffee with Locals

One of the greatest things about Dillon is its people. Montanans have unique perspectives based on their love and understanding of the land and history. This is a fun, stimulating way to spend an hour or two. The Andrus concierge can arrange for you or your family to meet some of our amazing locals for coffees or a meal.

Rare Locations

Individual guided trips to isolated mountain lakes, private ranches, historic sites, and other “one of a kind” places are available. The concierge will be happy to work out the details with you.

Andrus Bicycles

The Andrus is surrounded by the beautiful tree lined, Victorian home, University district. The area is flat and thus a great place for bike rides on our Andrus Beach cruiser bicycles.

Driving Tours

Switzerland Half Day and One Day road trips. Dillon is surrounded by the most beautiful mountainous, valleys in the lower 48 states.

East of Dillon

Going East from Dillon takes you through the Beaverhead Valley, Ruby Valley, historic Virginia city and on to Ennis in the Madison Valley. Our concierge can arrange for you to meet an amazing true older rancher couple for coffee in McCallister or Ennis. Be ready to be transported back 100 years in time as they tell you about rural mountain ranch life. This is also a fine route to and from Bozeman, MT.

West of Dillon

Going West from Dillon will take you through lovely Grashopper Valley, Wisdom Montana, down the Big Hole River Valley, back to the Beaverhead Valley. The origin of The Big Hole River in the snow covered mountains of Idaho are visible. Funky towns and historic sites are located along the way.

South of Dillon

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is a one day round trip from Dillon. It is an amazing unspoiled area that boasts the largest wetland complex in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystems. It is the home of the trumpeter swans.

North of Dillon

Beautiful drives through the Beaverhead and Bitterroot Valleys are a fine way to get to Missoula.

Andrus Venues

The Andrus Board Room

The Board Room is on the Penthouse floor of the hotel. It is on the interior of the hotel. It gets natural light from the atrium and a large solar tube. This room was designed for business, faculty, large family or other group meetings.

  • Board table will accommodate 10-15
  • Conference phone
  • 57’ t.v. with Skype capability
  • Skylight

This room can be booked through the Andrus Hotel concierge. $250 for full day use, or $125 for a half day.

Andrus Lobby

This is a recreation of the original 1917 lobby. It has a fireplace and comfortable oversized leather chairs in which to relax. The hotel concierge will talk with you about your interests and the many stores, restaurants and activities to enjoy around Dillon. Alcohol can be purchased at the liquor emporium across the street to enjoy in the lobby. The liquor emporium will also deliver directly to the lobby. Our concierge office is located in the lobby and the staff is always available 24/7 to help you in person or by phone.

Special Events

The Andrus lobby and other parts of the historic building may be used for special events. Our concierge can discuss these venues with you.

Treasure Hunts

The Andrus has 3 levels of treasure hunts for all ages. Successful ventures are rewarded with custom Andrus trophy coins.