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Montana Fly Fishing and The Andrus Hotel

Dr. John P. Micha and the "Big One"!

Montana stands out among other locations around the country as one of the best locations in the lower 48 for fly fishing. There are dozens of rivers, tributaries, high mountain lakes and fresh water streams to choose from. And, Ennis, which is our neighbor, has been dubbed "Trout Town USA". It's not uncommon to catch trout up to 26 inches in the waters - it happens every year. And, if you are searching for an outfitter we know quite a few in the Dillon and Southwest Montana region that we can put you in touch with.

Ennis MT has been dubbed "Trout Town USA"

While there may be "seasons" for fly fishing in Montana, ask any avid fisherman and they'll tell you that the season is all year long in Montana! Here's a little guidance to help you understand which time of year might be best for you.

SPRING - (March, April and May)

This is a great time to get out there as it is still a little quiet with respect to other fisherman. Temperatures are starting to warm up so the fish are getting more active. As you get closer to May you start entering he beginning of prime fly fishing season. One tip though, remember to prepare for weather. You never know what the weather will be like on any given day during Spring in Montana.

Summer - (June, July and August)

Looking for some magical fishing time? This is it! Runoff starts to subside so you'll have about a 2 - 3 week window of glorious fly fishing! This is also a great time to consider a guided fishing trip. Many of the local outfitters book trips well in advance so you may want to get in touch with them now to start planning your trip.

Summer is magical for fly fishing in Montana

Fall - (September and October)

Searching for the "Big One"? If so, this is your time! Fall is spawning time for brown trout so they are much more active during this time. Also, crowds thin out and lower level waters start to cool down from the summer. And, don't fret, if you don't catch a "Big One" you'll certainly have opportunity for some great photography in the Montana mountains this time of year.

Winter - November, December, January and February)

If you aren't afraid of the cold and the snow then grab your gear and head out to the rivers. You might be able to find a few spots if you are patient. Winter tip? Be prepared for the weather and be prepared to be awed by the natural beauty of Southwest Montana.

While the season for fly fishing is pretty much year round in the region there are regulations put forth by the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Be sure to review them prior to planning your next trip.

Fly fishing in Montana is an adventure of a lifetime!

We welcome MANY fisherman here at The Andrus Hotel and connect them with outfitters in the region. Our hotel Concierge staff is well-versed in pointing you in the right direction so be sure to ask if you aren't sure who to call.

Come experience The Andrus Hotel - we put you right in the middle of the best fly fishing in the lower 48!


33 S. Idaho Street

Dillon MT 59725


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