A 5-Star Experience

The 5-star hotel rating system was developed by the French. To be a 5-star hotel by their rules, each bathroom must have a bidet. Needless to say, the American hoteliers have not adopted that standard. Five-star to us means great service and quality. That is our goal. Five-star means very happy customers and staff. Five-star means beautiful, immaculate, new rooms/lobby/hall and elevator. Five-star means you know you are a very valued member of our Andrus and Montana family. Always let us know any way we can improve your current or future stay.

Donna Andrus Jones Roof Garden

The Andrus Hotel has the most beautiful 360 degree views from this rooftop garden. This is the only roof garden in Beaverhead County. It has 360 degree views of snow covered mountains, historic buildings at the University of Montana Western, church steeples, the stone steepled county courthouse, and the beautiful treed village of Dillon. The rooftop garden is strictly for viewing and photography. The rooftop garden is definitely a “must see” for the guests of the Andrus Hotel. Access to the garden is limited to guests. You will get some great photographs and be uplifted by the natural beauty of the area. The Roof Garden can be rented for special events.

Badger Archery Store and Range

Free archery lessons for Andrus guests from renowned archery instructor, Sarah Pfister, in the indoor hotel archery range. Great for all ages and levels of expertise. To book lessons or range time, call Sarah at Badger Archery at 406-880-0889 or ask the Andrus concierge to assist you with this.

Andrus Board Room

The Board Room is on the Penthouse floor of the hotel. It is on the interior of the hotel. It gets natural light from the atrium and a large solar tube. This room was designed for business, faculty, large family or other group meetings.

  • Board table will accommodate 10-15
  • Conference phone
  • 57’ t.v. with Skype capability
  • Skylight
  • 256 sq ft
  • Rotating historical collection from the Beaverhead County Museum. We support the Museum with annual donations and suggest you consider them also
This room can be booked through the Andrus Hotel concierge. $250 for full day use, or $125 for a half day.

Andrus Lobby

This is a recreation of the original 1917 lobby. It has a fireplace and comfortable oversized leather chairs in which to relax. The hotel concierge will talk with you about your interests and the many stores, restaurants and activities to enjoy around Dillon. Alcohol can be purchased at the liquor emporium across the street to enjoy in the lobby. The liquor emporium will also deliver directly to the lobby. Our concierge office is located in the lobby and the staff is always available 24/7 to help you in person or by phone.

Special Events

The Andrus lobby and other parts of the historic building may be used for special events. Our concierge can discuss these venues with you.

Shopping for You

Our hotel staff will do your grocery shopping and fill your refrigerator with your favorite items. You can email, fax, or send us your wish list. There is a $25 charge for this amenity. Grocery costs will be added to your hotel tab.